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UV Ultraviolet Tube Torch/Flashlight, Ghost Hunting Paranormal, Money Checker

This is a very useful torch with both a UV (Ultraviolet) tube combined with a regular white torch function. The UV (Ultraviolet/Purple) Tube emits light at around 405 nm on the Wave Length light spectrum and is the a dark fuzzy deep purple/Blue UV light sits within the visible light spectrum but is on the border line of what we can and cannot see. This is basically a version of the classic Black Light that you would see in theme parks or discos. It responds to different materials in different ways, some objects will illuminate bright blue white, like cotton fabric or paper, whereas other materials or objects go dark and almost invisible. It is this characteristic that makes it a fascinating research tool used widely in forensics. It is also a spectrum of light highly visible to full spectrum cameras

This item is also ideal for revealing all invisible UV sensitive security marks like: Identify counterfeit bank notes, Personal Valuables marked with invisible UV security pens and even check for hidden repairs on ceramics and china, it will illuminate all fluorescent, day-glow and glow in the dark products andwill also create that classic disco blue glow on white clothes.

Requires 4 AA batteries (not included) Size 16.5-cm x 5.2-cm x 2.2-cm. Price is per single torch.