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Tripple Moon Goddess Hanging Brass Incense Burner Wicca Altar Cleanse Witchcraft

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Tripple Moon Goddess Hanging Brass Incense Burner Witchcraft Altar

This highly polished solid brass incense burner features the triple moon Goddess symbol on its crown and has little star cutouts around the lid lid. It hangs from a matching brass chain for hanging or swinging during your rituals or cleansing. It can be used with both incense cones or charcoal and resin. It is advised that you always have a bed of sand inside the burner, especially if using charcoal.

The burner size 15.5cm x7.5cm, hangs 27cm including chain

If using charcoal always have a bed of sand inside the bottom section of the burner, this helps heat to defuse and reduces the the intensity of the impact on the metal finish and surrounding areas. Always start by placing the incense burner bowl on a heat proof plate, a side dish, dinner plate or thick tile will work just fine. after use it should be left in a safe place to go cold before putting the ashes in the bin.

Incense History

The first recorded use of incense was by the Egyptians during the Fifth Dynasty, 2345-2494 BC. Incense use in religious ritual was possibly also simultaneously developed in China, and eventually transmitted to Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and onward threat the globe. The formula and scent of incense used in temples, shrines, Churches, rituals and ceremonies throughout the world vary widely. However, the principle purpose seems to remain as method of purifying the surroundings & enabling us to connect more closely to gods, after life, demons, & many other spiritual connections. Burning incense is an ancient natural art, used in ceremonies for thousands of years. Smells have a huge, if often subconscious effect on the psyche and natural incense smoke is no exception. Incense has been used at some point in almost every spiritual practice, from all the biggest established religions to the hippie movement and many individual and spiritual groups including witchcraft of all forms.

Fire and Safety Warnings!

Charcoal incense burning involves a small hot coal, a very, very hot coal! This is like a little mini BBQ so it must always be on a heat proof plate or surface like a tile. It must also be level secure and away from children and animals. Like any naked flame it should never be left unattended at any time. We would suggest having a glass of water to one side just in case! Ive never had to use it, but Its always better to be safe than sorry, if you did have to put the coal out at any point in a hurry water can be slowly poured over it. It's a lot less messy to simply let it burn out in its own time, but if you need to it can be drowned very quickly. Under normal circumstances you can simply place the bowl and plate in the sink to cool off for piece of mind.

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