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Tibetan Singing Bowl Seance Spirit Bell Mediation Ritual 11.5cm

Tibetan Black & Gold Metal Singing Bowl Meditation Spirit Bell 11cm

Back in the days when the parlor seance was very popular, bells of all kinds were used to attract and focus the mind and spirit, so in modern times outside of meditation, the singing bowl has become a tool of choice for paranormal investigators and people working with spirit. You will frequently see them used in media paranormal shows like Most Haunted & Ghost Watchers.

This singing bowl is 100% hand crafted in the east and has been created to produce a beautiful set tone, it is decorated using a natural burnishing process at very high temperatures and has a cast floral decoration inside. It comes with a traditional wooden rubbing/chime stick which is used to create the sounds that singing bowls are known for. To use the bow you should place it in the palm of the outstretched hand and hold the stick firmly against the outer edge while rotating slow full circles round and round the bowl. With practice, you will find the best pressure and speed to create beautiful continuous notes. You can find many video tutorials online if you need help, as with any instrument practice makes perfect over time. They can also be used as a traditional chime bell by gently striking the bowls surfaces with the rubbing stick.

Please note all bowls are hand made so no two will be exactly the same in both sounds, size, and colouration,
the approximate size of this model is around 11cm-11.5 at widest point, colour black and dark gold.

What is a Singing Bowl
The Singing bowls also known as Himalayan bowls are a special type of bell that is widely used to produce constant tone harmonics. These bowls are historically from Nepal, Japan, and China. Singing bowls are now used worldwide for meditation, relaxation, and tuning clairvoyance and psychic frequencies in work with spirit. They are also used for personal wellbeing and healing rituals. In Buddhist tradition, they are used to either start or end the meditation session. This is said to act as an anchor to the mind to get ready for the meditation or trance state.

"We don't pretend to have the answers to the mysteries of the spirit world, but together we just might catch a glimpse of the other side" (Walking With Ghosts TV)

Neither Walking with Ghosts nor Funky Lighting are associated with or promote any form of religion or organised faith structure. We are simply open-minded people who have a passion for exploring unusual and unexplained phenomenon, as well as social history, mythology and folk-law from every corner of the globe.
Type Clairvoyance/ Readings
Brand WWG
Condition New
Weight 1.25kg