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Special Effects Smells for Virtual Reality Gaming, VR-Oma Horror Set with 5x Scents

This amazing special effects scent distribution system is designed for home use with VR gaming, themed parties, small haunts or any enclosed space where aroma effects are needed. It comes with a selection of aroma atomiser tubes from our vast range of special effects scents. Each tube will give many, many hours of sensory stimulating scent as very little is needed to set the scene. The set comes with a mini scent cannon that blows the scent directly at the person or people in a specific area. It also creates an air flow which enhances the senses. The aroma cannon is small, light, and fully rechargeable, so it can sit anywhere and run for over 4 hours on a single charge. It can also be run directly from a USB socket if preferred.

Our scents are created by special effects professionals who masterfully blends smells for 4DX cinemas, theatres, haunted house attractions and theme parks attractions the world over.


This listing is for the scent distribution unit and 5x scents from the Horror collection, it includes a USB recharging cable but you will need to use your own USB wall charger, any phone charger or other USB power socket will work.

The Human Sense of Smell

Although the human sense of smell is poor compared to many animals, it is still very acute and we can recognise thousands of different smells without even thinking about it. Smell is part of our world and can activate emotional triggers and memories both positive and negative. Indeed the power of smell is so great that it is used to try and trigger memories during therapeutic sessions with Alzheimer's and dementia sufferers. It is a powerful sense which we use to navigate our lives journey as we collect memory associations and emotions associated with smells. This is why adding the correct scent to the virtual experience is such a powerful tool. VR takes us visually and audibly into a different world so adding a coordinated aroma to that world which makes it yet more believable. Be it horror games set in musty haunted mansions, dinosaurs in lush rain forests, the Grand Prix race track, football pitch or a spaceship in the stars, smells can immerse you in a more complete experience.

The Horror Collection

The horror collection comes with 5 different scent tubes to cover a wide array of location simulations. Each scent can be used individually or in combinations to create your own scenery environments. If blending scents, spray a little of each required scent on a different part of the Cannon pad, this way the evaporation of each smell into the air will vary in intensity rather than appear like a fixed blend mix.

01 Haunted house
Musty air, rotting wood and general decay and neglected age is the scent of this scary and highly enveloping and adrenaline pumping scent, that will enhance any game, based inside old or derelict locations.

02 Cabin in the Woods
The scent of woodsmoke, coffee boiling on the stove and enclosed confined humid musk with a hint of animal pelt and cedar wood is the scent of this blend which is ideal for any cabin in the woods setting.

03 Insane Asylum
Musty human bacterial smells with a sharp veil of old fashioned antiseptic are the base of this anxiety raising scent ideal for that claustrophobic hospital or asylum setting.

04 Blood & Gore.
The sickly sweet smell of blood and fear blended with bottom notes of leather hide and body fluids, ideal for any Zombie or slasher setting

05 Boiler Room
Hot metal pipes spew jets of steam into the air whilst the smell of dirty warm oil and long forgotten secrets decay in the shadows. This scent is ideal for Freddie's basement or boiler room experience, with a strong aroma of machinery and industry. engines, oil and mechanics.

Please note; when using scents less is more, always start with a single spray and see how it develops over time, smells develop and build in the air so you don't want to overdo it, especially with the darker ranges. Whilst it's lovely to have your whole home smelling like roses, it is not as desirable to have it smelling of Resident Evil maniac gore mansion. With the right balance, the scents will dissipate within a very short time of turning off the diffuser device. Again, less is more. It only takes a hint of a scent combined with the correct image for the brain to fill in the gaps and make you feel as if you are at the very location, wherever that might be.
Type Special FX Scent Device
Brand Funky Lighting
Condition New
Weight 1kg