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Shiva Nataraja Lord of Dance Large Silver Gold Indian Hindu God Statue UK

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This stunning statue depicts the ancient and powerful Indian Hindu God Lord Shiva, like many Hindu gods Shiva is depicted in many forms and in many stages of life. This depiction is one of the most spectacular and powerful showing a figure representing both the male and female form in a classic dance position surrounded by snakes. This stunning piece is a cast resin sculpture with a silver metal effect finish which is beautifully painted to give a very convincing aged effect. It is also tried with real glass mirror mosaic squares which run around the perimeter of both the base and the circle of flames. A stunning statue that brings an exotic and mystical eliminate to any home or workplace or shrine.

Size 35-cm high 30-cm wide 10.5-cm deep, Price is per single statue

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This item is a cast resin figure (Not Metal) and is new, please note that it is designed to look like old metal so has been enhanced with an metallic aged look.

The Symbolism Of The Lord Siva Nataraja (Nataraj)

The Nataraja dances within the universe of illusion. The locks of his hair stand out in many strands as he whirls around in his dancing frenzy. His locks are decked with a crescent moon, a skull, and are interspersed with the sacred River Ganges. Shiva's unkempt hair, a symbol of a rejection of society, shows him to be an ascetic. This contrasts with his role as a grhastha, or householder, with his wife and family. The fiery ring surrounding Shiva, prahabhamandala, represents the universe with all its illusion, suffering and pain. The outer edge is fire the inner edge the waters of the oceans. The crescent moon in his matted hair keeps Kama, the god of nightly love, alive. Through the waxing and the waning of the moon, Shiva creates different seasons and rejuvenates life. Nataraja wears a snake coiled around his upper arms and neck symbolising the power he has over the most deadly of creatures. Snakes are also used to symbolise the Hindu dogma of reincarnation. Their natural process of moulting or shedding their skin is symbolic of the human souls transmigration of bodies from one life to another. In the back right hand Shiva often holds an hourglass shaped drum or damaru. The drum represents the rhythmic sound to which Nataraja dances and ceaselessly recreates the universe. The front right hand is in the abhaya-mudra (the "fear not" gesture, made by holding the palm outward with fingers pointing up). The back left hand carries Agni (fire) in a vessel or in his hand. The flames represent the destructive energy with which Nataraja dances at the end of each cosmic age, cleansing sins and removing illusion. The front left hand is across the chest in the gahahasta (elephant trunk) pose, with the wrist limp and the fingers pointed downward toward the uplifted foot. His uplifted left foot, grants eternal bliss to those who approach him. The other foot treads firmly upon the dwarf of ignorance, allowing the birth of knowledge. Nataraja dances above the body of the demon, Apasmara, whom he has killed; in this role he is called Natesa. Apasmara, the dwarf demon, represents the ignorance of teaching that all opposites (for example good and evil) are false.

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Shiva Nataraja Lord of Dance Indian Hindu God Statue Silver/Gold Antique Finish photo Shiva_Dance_A01_zpsqqebklst.jpg

Shiva Nataraja Lord of Dance Indian Hindu God Statue Silver/Gold Antique Finish Effect photo Shiva_Dance_A03_zpsksan7wf6.jpg

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