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Retro TV Lamp Simulated Fire Effect Funky Moving Flame Light Halloween Party UK

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Bring a warm glow to your space with this funky retro fire TV. This amazing fully portable lamp is created to look like a classic old 1950s tube TV set but behind the screen is a beautiful glowing and flickering log fire effect.  The amazing realistic fire effect is controlled by the traditional rotary volume knob which brightens and speeds up the flames from a dim slow smoker to a bright active fire. As the lighting is created by LED lights it is of course as cool as a cucumber to the touch despite its warm illusion

The Retro TV has 3 x ‘C’ batteries included which are great for getting started but we would advise replacing the demo set with quality alkaline batteries when needed that should be good for around 80 hours use depending on the brightness and speed.

Realistic Log Flame Effect • Cool LEDs So Safe No Heat Action • Retro Tv Look • Dimmable on/Off Switch • Battery Operated 3 X C Batteries (Included ) • Size: 21.5 cm x 8 cm x 13 cm

Low On Energy • Safe Flame Effect • Warm Romantic Lighting • Designer Looks

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