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Red Altar Skull Candle Full Size Macabre Gothic Wiccan Witchcraft Ritual Magick

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Red Alter Skull Candle Witchcraft Ritual Magick
This stunning gothic style skull candle is created in solid quality wax and full human sized. Its is ideal for altars or as a decorative item anywhere in the home. As the candle burns into the skull it creates a stunning glowing effect that will enhance any gothic or pagan setting.
Please note this is an upper skull form without a lower jaw, always be aware that candles will! Drip especially when first lit, so always protect surfaces with a drip tray. Never leave a burning candle unattended, and keep away from pets and children.
This item is made of solid red wax and is around 1.3kg in weight. Created by art and sculpture designers at Nemesis Now
Candle Sculpture Measures
30cm x 28cm x 13cm
Candles in the craft
Red candles in Witch Craft are used to embody the passion of lust, personal empowerment, inner strength, courage, and energy. Use red candles when you want to feel stronger, more proactive, empowered, or take control over your own circumstances. They are also great to bring more passion into your relationships, or more energy to your personal goals.

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Brand Nemesis Now
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Weight 1.7kg