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Red 650 nm Laser Matrix Grid Pen Projector Ghost Hunt Paranormal Tool/UK

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The laser grid projector has become a very popular tool in the paranormal investigation field. They are used by many TV ghost hunters and private investigators alike. The principle of the theory is that should anything move within the illuminated scope of the grid, the dots projected would move distort or blink revealing the motion of the entity or object. For best results they should be used in very dark environments and the space between dots should remain as dark as possible so the right colour choice is important for the investigation area.

Laser Colour Gide, Red 650 nm

The Red laser sits at around 650 nm on the Wave Length light spectrum and is the a rich deep red within the visible light spectrum It is ideal for small & large areas and can be used on both dark and light wall surfaces without over lighting the room. Other colours such as green can over light a small room preventing dark space between light points.

Laser Warnings!

Due to the extremely compact and portable nature of these devices they are not intended for continuous use, they should be given a little cooling off time about every 10 minutes to prevent risk of damage from overheating. Warning! lasers should never be pointed directly into peoples faces or eyes at short range as they are such intensely concentrated light forms they can cause blindness and sight damage. Never let a child play with your laser product as they are strictly adults only tools.

UK Delivery only Due to law variations in other countries regarding laser products.

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