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Portable USB Power Supply, Tablets Phones and Go Pro Cameras

£12.99 £10.83 (ex. VAT)

portable power bank means you’ll never have to worry about your mobile devices running out of power again.

A high capacity charger can be carried with you and can even to charge or power up to 2 devices at the same time. Packing a massive 5400 mAh power capacity it can fully charge an average smart phone several times over and add hours of extra life to tablets cameras and accessories using the duel USB ports. It’s made from quality materials and is coated in a rubberised non slip material and even has an LED display showing the percentage of power remaining in the unit so you'll always know if it needs to be recharged. It also features a very handy little led torch which is integrated into the corner of the unit.

Use with our Night Vision & Full spectrum Go Pro "Style" Cameras.

This device gives you so have a wire free power supply to your USB powered full spectrum or night vision camera giving you hours and hours of continuous power with out the need to change the internal batteries. It also means that the camera is always fully charged when you want to unplug it and go roaming using its internal battery.

The small, compact power bank comes with a USB cable for charging itself, it can be charged from virtually any wall socket USB charger that you already own (Not! Included)

Pink Colour Size. 7.5-cm x 9-cm x 2.8-cm Powered by Lithium-Ion Batteries.