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Mini Night Vision HD Body Video Camera IR 940nm Infrared Light

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Mini Full Spectrum Night Vision HD Body Video Camera With IR 940 Infrared LEDs

This is a great inexpensive general purpose-built Day or night vision full HD wearable video recorder /camera which also can take stills and record separate audio files. It is a self-contained unit with a built-in clip for attaching to a top pocket or belt. It has built-in infrared lights and has an internal battery to record over 6 hours (depending on settings) of video. It can also be plugged into any USB power bank or mains socket for extending run times. This fully rechargeable and hands-free wearable unit is the ideal go anywhere miss nothing solution for the paranormal investigator. It features, a super wide-angle 125-degree lens to capture a vast area. Overall it has a great quality build and is very easy and fast to use buttons and controls. The camera will fire up in day recording mode but can we switch to night vision at the flick to a button when it gets dark. great for both locked-off shots and the first-person view on the move style filming.

Set Includes: Body Cam Camera, Data/Charging USB Cable, Clip mount & Instruction Manual. Camera Size: 93 X 36 X 15mm

Please note: As this device has no screen so you must have a computer to view footage and images as well as change the settings of the camera. Please take the time to test and rehearse using the device before your actual event so you understand fully how it operates and any limitations the device may have in certain settings. This is a specially adapted camera that has been customised to be used for night vision photography, it will have pinkish and magenta tones to the image under normal lighting conditions. It is not designed to be used as a normal daytime camera as the colours will always be off as it is seeing the light we don't normally see.

Night vision IR is a special setting that will produce a monochrome image (Black and White)
Memory Card Type Required: MicroSD 8GB - 128GB (MAX128GB) (Not Included) Please always buy a good AV quality branded card, buying generic cards often results in nothing but malefaction and lost footage so is very much false economy.

Infrared cameras are commonly used in paranormal research allowing images to be captured under lighting conditions that are invisible to the human eye. Within these invisible-to-the-human-eye light waves, it is thought that apparitions and anomalies may be captured that would otherwise go unseen. It is also useful in investigations that no visible light is needed that could spoil the heightened senses and concentrated focus that can be generated working in a dark environment.

Video format:1280x720,1920x1080. Motion detection supported, Infrared night vision. Storage Support:Micro SD Card 8GB - 128GB (MAX128GB) TF Card micro SD card (Not included) Loop video recording and recording while charging supported. Systems Supported :windows me/2000/xp/vista;mac os;Linux; Video Format:AVI, Video Encoding:M-JPEG Video Resolution:1920x1080HD.

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Please note that the onboard LED 940nm IR lights are great for shorter distance filming, however when working in larger areas in the dark additional infrared lighting will greatly improve the quality of your footage and the visible distance in darkness, we sell several IR lighting options in our shops. The video files produced are AVI format which may need to be converted for some Mac systems, a free video player like VLC media player will be able to both play and convert in such cases.

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