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Mini 20w Glass Tube Strobe Light Paranormal Research Ghost Hunt Halloween UK

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20w Glass Tube Mini Disco Strobe Light, Black Case Mains Powered

This compact strobe light is a classic disco effect that produces bright bursts of pure white light a variable speeds. Strobes have also been used for many years in physics, scientific and paranormal research field. Some people think the short sharp burst of light draws spirit attention in itself, others believe it's the way a traditional glass tube strobe pulses the energy burst with each flash. They have also been used as a visual way to freeze fast moving images in real time. Strobes create bright white light flashes of very short length much like a camera flash but in quick succession. To the eye this gives the illusion of momentarily freezing a moment in time when fast motion is viewed. It has been said that this effect may allow us to perceive spirit activity moving on different dimensions from our own. All these theories are holy experimental and come with as many critics as followers, however the strobe continues to be a fascinating tool in the world of paranormal research.

Comes with angle stand/mounting bracket and 13amp fitted plug. 20w output, size 13-cm x 9-cm x 5-cm Black plastic finish with clear perspex front bulb cover.

Sale price is per single strobe light, exact design may vary slightly from illustration

This item runs from 220v - 240v UK and European mains power supply, UK style plug

Warning, rapid flashing strobe lights must not be used around people with "photosensitive epilepsy" always consult with your group or audience before use.

Type Glass Tube Strobe
Brand WWG
Condition New