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Live EVP Digital Audio Amplifier Hearing Aid Paranormal Equipment

Live EVP Digital Audio Amplifier Hearing Aid 

This is a mini sized device that that fits directly into the ear amplifying the sounds around you allowing you to hear things that would otherwise go unnoticed. It is able to fit either left or right, has a little On off switch and six volume settings. Essentially this is like a conventional hearing aid but is not designed for the hearing impaired as much as something to enhance your own natural hearing abilities. As well as exaggerating small sounds around you this device also amplifies vibration sounds like footsteps knocks and faint bangs that may otherwise be missed by your natural hearing.

It is also said that they can amplify live EVP (electronic voice phenomena) sounds, which are essentially human-sounding voices are heard on a recording or in radio station noise and other electronic media.It is thought that these sounds or voices usually occur at a frequency out with the range of the human ear but can be captured on electronic devices. Some even believe that spirits can interact directly with the electrical fields imprinting messages directly through the device without making any outward earthly sound at all. The device is powered by 1 little AG13 battery cell which are very inexpensive and readily available both online and in local shops.

Please Note!
The device uses advanced micro technology to enhance your natural hearing abilities, this is not a medical aid for seriously hearing impaired people. Please also remember that all sounds around you will be amplifies so try to avoid places or people that are excessively loud. Please handle this delicate device with care it is not a toy and should be kept away from children, the device is not waterproof so please keep it our of the rain if working outdoors.

Comfortable Behind-Ear Fit, Can Be Used In Left Or Right Ear, Volume Control For Optimum Levels, On/Off Switch For Saving Battery.

Also includes: Three batteries (requires 1 for operation ) and Three soft flexible ear inserts in three different sizes, set comes in hard plastic storage box.
Device size 5cm x 5cm x 1.5 cm requires 1x AG13 cell Battery (3x included)

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