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LCD EMF & Temperature Meter with Alarm Ghost Hunting Paranormal Equipment

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Back-lit EMF & Temperature Meter with Alarm Paranormal Investigation Equipment

The EMF meter has become an absolute must in the field of Ghost Hunting and Paranormal investigation. Originally used in environmental control it is designed to detect and analyse electromagnetic energy which is produced by many things in both the natural and man made world. It is believed, that what we perceive as spirits or entities, have a close association with this form of energy, whether they comprise of it or or draw it from their surroundings is still part of the mystery. What we do know is that EMF readings, as they are known, often seem to be present at the same time as paranormal activity.

This EMF meter model has a back-lit green LCD screen which includes a temperature display, this is great for finding cold spots and general monitoring of environmental changes. It also has an alarm sound and screen colour change to red when high ranges are detected of over 40mG

Power Supply: 3x AAA Batteries (NOT Included)

At Walking with Ghosts we often use an EMF meter to try and make communication with spirits by requesting that they move towards the device and respond to our questions by utilising this energy which results in the readings on command. They can also be used in multiples to try and track movement of spirits across a room or area.

Specifications: Unit: mG (Electric Field); μT (Magnetic Field) Accuracy: ±5% (50μT to 200μT)μT at 50Hz or 60Hz Range: Electric: 0~2000mG; Magnetic: 0~200μT Resolution: 1mG, 0.1μT Alarm Threshold: 40mG, 0.4μT Temperature: 0~50℃ / 32~122℉ Display: 4 digits LCD Display
Test Bandwidth: 30Hz-300Hz Number of Axis: Single Axis Inductive Head Sampling Rate: 0.5 Seconds Test Mode: Bimodule Synchronous Test Over Range Indication: LCD Displays "HI" Operating Temperature: 0~50℃, Relative Humidity 0~80%

"We don't pretend to have the answers to the mysteries of the spirit world, but together we just might catch a glimpse of the other side" (Walking With Ghosts TV)
Neither Walking with ghosts and funky lighting are associated with, or promote any form of religion or organised faith structure. We are simply open minded people who have a passion in exploring unusual and unexplained phenomenon,as well as social history, mythology and folk-law from every corner of the globe
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