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Kinect 360 SLS  (Stick-Man) Camera   Rig Paranormal
Kinect 360 SLS  (Stick-Man) Camera   Rig Paranormal
Kinect 360 SLS  (Stick-Man) Camera   Rig Paranormal
Kinect 360 SLS  (Stick-Man) Camera   Rig Paranormal
Kinect 360 SLS  (Stick-Man) Camera   Rig Paranormal

Kinect 360 SLS (Stick-Man) Camera Rig Paranormal

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Kinect 360 SLS Camera (Stick-Man​​​​​​) Camera Rig​

Our portable SLS Camera systems are fully self powered and self contained, this configuration comes with an 8” windows 10 tablet (32Gb 2GB ram with port for SD card for memory expansion) It has a 360 SLS sensor camera mounted on a metal bracket and is powered by a rechargeable 12v battery which also has a handy USB socket to charge or power other accessories.  A tablet holder is mounted to the back of the unit and everything sits on a hand grip tripod mount that can be folded out to become a table top tripod stand. We have gone the extra mile on our design to remove all excess heavy cable from the components keeping our design as small and light weight as possible.

The SLS (Structured Light Sensor) Camera system has become the must have tool for paranormal investigation in recent years. Made famous by paranormal device inventor Bill Chappell on shows like Ghost Adventures, this 3D mapping technology shows perceived forms thought to be from the spirit realm. These forms previously hidden from view are seen as a moving real time stick figure interacting within the live environment. The the has come from the film and gaming industry and is used to fuse live interaction and CGI together creating realistic organic movement with digital images.

Please note the SLS Camera system is a re-purposed rig made up from previously used commercially manufactured components, these have been modified and changed to be used for this purpose specifically. Tablet make and model will vary but will always be a windows 10 compatible model.​​​​​​​

OK, So how does it work

The Kinect SLS Camera incorporates an infrared light pattern projection system and twin CMOS sensors that can calculate 3D information from the objects proximity to the camera and the world around them. The software uses this digital data to identify possible forms to lock onto displaying individual joints and movements in a stick person formation superimposed over the video image. As the device uses infrared light this works both in total darkness or full light. It’s thought possible that it may bet able to detects spirit and entity forms that can't be seen with regular cameras the naked human eye. 

Is It Really Spirits I Am Seeing

Please Note: As with all paranormal investigation equipment, no-one can guarantee that what you are seeing is of a paranormal nature. As a responsible investigator you should always be looking for reasons to explain your findings in a logical way. Only when you have eliminated the logical explanations, should you consider the paranormal possibilities. Try to interact with a connection, request they move in a certain way or react to yes no questioning to try and determine if you have an intelligent communication path or on command reaction.

This SLS Camera configuration consists of 

8” tablet with Windows 10, touch Screen system and Kinect Software pre installed, Dual Camera 360 infrared Kinect Sensor, High power 12V rechargeable battery power supply with USB outlet and power switch. AC charging power adapter for battery, USB Charger and cable for tablet. 

This rig comes with a Linx Vision 004, 8 inch Tablet windows 10 with 1200 x 800 screen resolution​​​​​​​

Product Dimensions 42.2 x 23.2 x 8.6 cm, VISION001, Series Vision Color Black, Screen Size 8 inches
Processor Brand, Intel Processor Speed 1.44 GHz RAM Size 2 GB Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM Hard Drive Size 32 GB Graphics Card Description Intel Integrated Graphics Connectivity Type Wi-Fi Operating System Windows 10 Lithium Battery Energy Content Batteries contained in equipment. also includes charging cable UK charger.

Caution Please note! 

Screen capture software uses a lot of the tablet’s processing and battery power. While you can use screen capture applications to record footage we would recommended using a separate camera to record both the display and some of the live surrounding area. This will not only give you far more battery life and smoother recordings it will also capture the audio and situation around the event. The dedicated record function within the Kinect system records all the parameters of the digital word you are mapping so again while you can use this to capture it is still high on battery consumption and processing speeds, it easier and more reliable to simply film the screen with a smart phone or camera as the files produced are not standard video files as explained.

It is recommended that the tablet be used exclusively for the Kinect camera system with wi-fi disabled, you can of course use any windows applications you choose but they will take up more memory and pressing power. 

The Kinect Sensors we use to create these cameras are no longer in production. The Sensor you will receive is either used or re-manufactured and will show varying signs of previous use. The Kinect software included with this camera is pre installed for your convenience, should you require to re install it it is free of charge from the Microsoft download centre

We don't pretend to have the answers to the mysteries of the spirit world, but together we just might catch a glimpse of the other side" (Walking With Ghosts TV)

Neither Walking with Ghosts nor Funky Lighting are associated with or promote any form of religion or organised faith structure. We are simply open-minded people who have a passion for exploring unusual and unexplained phenomenon, as well as social history, mythology and folklore from every corner of the globe.

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