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Infrared Thermometer Body & Forehead Temperature Non-contact Digital

Infrared Thermometer Body & Forehead Thermometer

Non-contact Digital In these times of the global pandemic, many establishments, events organisers and employers are now using body temperature as a first defence to detect possible covid infections. These have been used for many years by airports around the world to try to prevent infection getting inside confined aircraft. They are not a substitute for a test, but they are a fast way to screen for symptomatic infection in people when moving in larger numbers. The device of course can also be used as a general medical thermometer in the home office or workplace.

Please do your own research on the parameters to look for regarding normal and abnormal body temperature.
Bright White design, Backlight digital screen, Handheld, Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, Measuring range: 1-5cm, Temperature measurement range: 32℃-42.9℃, comes with 1 * User Manual

Please Note! This is a medical thermometer which is specifically for using on the body. It delivers measurement accuracy controlled at ± 0.2 ℃,reliable data, it will not! read temperatures outside of the bodies parameters.

Simple operation
The product supports a one-button temperature measurement that quickly and hygienically provides body temperature when the device is aimed at the skin surface. Size: 135*45*30 (mm)

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Material Plastic
MPN infraredbdy01
Brand WWG
Condition New
Weight 0.25kg