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Haunted Doll EMF & Electrostatic Trigger Object Paranormal Ghost Hunt/Tillie

Haunted Doll EMF & Electrostatic Trigger Object Paranormal Ghost Hunt "Tillie"

This is "Tillie" she comes with an electrostatic sensor which when activated is displayed via red LED-lit eyes, she also a K-II style EMF circuit with a line of display LEDs across her chest area. The electrostatic sensor also triggers a sound buzzer when activated. Power is supplied via a PP3 9V battery on the underside of the sitting doll. The EMF circuit can be turned on and off via a hidden button on the front of the doll independently of the electrostatic circuit. The doll has a flexible wire antenna coming out of the head, this is the electrostatic sensor antenna which should be handled with care and not overly bent or crushed at the exit point.
Our dolls are fragile with parts being made of porcelain and also having delicate electronics attached, so please always handle with the same respect as any other delicate piece of research equipment.

These Objects Are Not Toys, Never, Ever, Allow Children To Play Them

Our haunted dolls are aesthetically aged and modified by hand to be used as interactive trigger objects in paranormal research. Each contains environmentally activated sensors that are used in the research of paranormal activity. The theory is to conceal the high tech electronics inside an object that is familiar and more attractive to spirits. Trigger objects attract spirit engagement, the LED displays and sounds can be used to converse with entities who some believe can interact with many kinds of energy including EMF and Electrostatic as well as temperature and even light perception. Using questions directed to the spirit with Yes-No answers, for instance, one flash for Yes and two for No. These devices are intended to further help promote and advance Paranormal research.

Medium sized model 27cm X 28cm x 25cm (not including antenna) Requires one 9v PP3 battery (Included if within the UK)

Created By Hand All our Haunted Dolls are first totally deconstructed to base components, they are theatrically aged, painted and distressed. The idea is that they should look very old like a lost and long forgotten toy discovered in an old basement. In this, they are much like a film prop for a horror movie. We then incorporated our electronics like led light-up eyes, electrostatic sensors, motion sensors, EMF sensors and various other components depending on the model. The doll is then reconstructed adding a battery box and finally, the aged clothing and hair is fixed in place over the modified doll to conceal the electronics inside. Please note these dolls are not toys, the clothes are permanently fixed in place as is the hair no parts are designed to be altered or removed. This is a piece of equipment posing as a haunted doll, it is not a toy.

Are our dolls really haunted? Each doll in our Haunted Trigger range has started out as genuine old porcelain headed & limed doll, they already have a history as they mostly come from home clearance sales, so each and every one has its own personal history before we get them. This may be relevant to people concerned or interested in the possessed or haunted doll theories. We can't say the doll you get will be haunted in this true way as this is a belief structure area which really no one can prove or disprove. We do however need to make our customers aware that these are from previous homes or unknown origin, so possible attachments of a spiritual nature within these dolls cannot be ruled out ( If your open to this spiritual theory) We hold no accurate records of individual dolls previous history, so can take no responsibility for attachment issues.

It is believed that dolls tend to draw spirits, especially the Spirits of women & children both because of their connection with maternal instincts and childhood comfort.

What is an EMF Detector Originally used in environmental control it is designed to detect and analyse electromagnetic energy which is produced by many things in both the natural and man-made world. It is believed, that what we perceive as spirits or entities, have a close association with this form of energy, whether they comprise of it or draw it from their surroundings is still part of the mystery. What we do know is that EMF readings, as they are known, often seem to be present at the same time as paranormal activity. At Walking with Ghosts we often use the EMF meter to try and make communication with spirits by requesting that they move towards the device and respond to our questions by utilising this energy which results in the lights flashing on command. They can also be used in multiples to try and track the movement of spirits across a room or area. The EMF meter has a sampling range of Electromagnetic field (EMF) frequencies from 30-20,000 Hz.

What is an Electro-Static Detector Electro-Static detectors pick up on electrostatic energy which is produced by many things in both the natural and man-made world. It's the kind of electrical charge that makes our hair stand on end if we rub a balloon on our heads. When performing investigations people will often refer to the hair standing up on their arms or the back of their neck. It is believed, that what we perceive as spirits or entities, have a close association with this form of energy and it's often detected during paranormal activity. You can test the detector by crumpling and rubbing a plastic carrier bag on itself, then waving it around the antenna of the doll.

"We don't pretend to have the answers to the mysteries of the spirit world, but together we just might catch a glimpse of the other side" (Walking With Ghosts TV)

Neither Walking with Ghosts nor Funky Lighting are associated with or promote any form of religion or organised faith structure. We are simply open-minded people who have a passion for exploring the unusual and unexplained phenomenon, as well as social history, mythology and folklore from every corner of the globe.

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