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GoPro “Style” Full Spectrum HD Action Night Vision Wifi Video Camera Ghost Hunt

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Full Spectrum Action Night Vision Wifi HD Video Camera

This is a Go Pro “style” action camera that has been modified to enable it to film using full spectrum and IR infrared night vision lighting. We have searched the market and tried and tested dozens of action cameras before we found this model which has a very low light tolerance and a super wide angle viewpoint that is great for both locked off shots and for the first-person view on the move style filming. It also features an internal WiFi signal generator, which means you can monitor it remotely from your mobile phone or tablet. No need for venue WiFi as it generates its own signal. This is a very light sensitive camera that is great in low light conditions and only needs a little IR infrared light to see in total darkness too. It also has a massive amount of settings including loop recording, time stamp, video resolution options, exposure compensation, the photo still and burst, times lapse screen flip and many more useful options. Or of course, you can just point and shoot fully automatically.

This camera works best with 850nm infrared LED light, 850nm IR light projected is invisible to the human eye with the exception of a dark red glow from the LED source, it is commonly used in Night Vision CCTV Security and film making where blackout light conditions are present. It can also see totally invisible 940nm infrared but it will only illuminate at about 30% equivalent brightness to 850nm. This camera has no onboard lighting system so some source or IR lighting will be required to use under full darkness conditions. Please see out shop for lighting options

•••This is a Go-Pro “style” action camera, It is Not a Go-Pro brand camera•••
** Honesty is our policy 4k "file size" still HD sensor please read details here.
Please note that the latest upgrade to these models is a 4k file resolution, however we must point out that the actual sensor resolution is still the same as the full HD model, so in our opinion while it can produce a 4k file size this is not a true 4k resolution , so is really not worth the larger file size it will produce. Many other manufacturers are also doing this at the moment so please be aware of this. We would advise using the standard HD setting for the best quality to file size balance for general use. Please always invest in a good quality branded Datta card of class 10 or faster.

Full spectrum or wide spectrum cameras are commonly used in paranormal research allowing images to be captured under lighting conditions that are invisible to the human eye. Within these invisible-to-the-human-eye light waves, it is thought that apparitions and anomalies may be captured that would otherwise go unseen. It is also useful in investigations that no visible light is needed that could spoil the heightened senses and concentrated focus that can be generated working in a dark environment. From a scientific point of view, the cameras are really “wide spectrum” rather than “full” and they can see from the ultraviolet range through to the infrared range, which is certainly wider than a human can see with the naked eye.

Please note that this is a specially adapted camera that has been customised to be used for night vision photography, it will have pinkish and magenta tones to the image under normal lighting conditions. It is not designed to be used as a normal daytime camera as the colours will always be off as it is seeing the light we don’t normally see. It also has an automated low light exposure compensation boost that may cause a song pinkish colour around heavily overexposed (over bright contrast) areas, this is a clever feature to minimise loss of detail when too much light contrast is found. It is always best to try and work with soft defused light to avoid high contrast overexposure in your shot.

Screen Size:2.0 inches, High Definition Support: 1080P &720P (Full-HD) 4k Memory Card Type:MicroSD Max 128GB (Not Included) Sensor Technology:CMOS, Optical Image Stabilizer, wifi, 1x 900 mAh 3.7v Li-ion Battery included, Android & iOS compatible.

Please Note!
These are new cameras but may have slight surface marks as they are modified to full spectrum by hand in our workshop. You will require a micro SD card to use this camera as it is not included. Please be sure to read the full listing and understand that this is a modified camera for use with infrared and full spectrum lighting. This camera has no onboard lighting system so some source or IR lighting will be required to use under full darkness conditions. Please see out shop for lighting options

1 x full spectrum conversion camera, 1 x Waterproof Housing, 1 x 900mAh Li-ion Battery & a full selection of mounting and fixing options, USB charging & data cable.

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