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Dual Charger & 2x SJCAM GO Pro Style Full Spectrum Action Camera Batteries/UK

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Dual Charger & 2x Camera Batteries For our Full Spectrum Action Cams

This set comes with two spare batteries and the latest Dual Charger for SJCAM SJ4000 Camera Batteries, so is compatible with our full spectrum conversion go pro style cameras. An ideal addition to our full spectrum video camera kit providing you with hours more recording time using the two 900mA batteries and faster charging as two batteries can be charged simultaneously. Charging time is around 2-3hours then the protection mode stops the charge automatically to protect your batteries from over charging.

Package includes:
1 x Rapid Dual Charger & 2x SJCAM style Batteries & 1 USB Cord

Please note this set can be used via any USB socket from a computer or phone charger socket, mains charger plug is not included.

•••This is for a Go-Pro "style" action camera, Not a Go-Pro brand cameras•••

Fits most SJCAM styles including SJ4000, SJ4000 WiFi & SJ5000, SJ5000 WiFi, SJM10 & other Action Cameras check with your model before purchase. With Powerful 750 mA 900Ah (New Core) battery life and fully "DECODED" chip inside to avoid memory effect. Charger Size : 85 mm x 46 mm x 40 mm Battery size 32 mm x 28 mm x 10mm Voltage : 3.7 V / 3.33Wh Capacity, 750mAh 900mAH (New Core)Cell Type, Li-on

Sorry UK delivery only, we cannot post batteries air mail

Good practice in caring for your Li-on batteries

Please allow a charge up to 8 hours the very first time you charge your batteries and to extend the working life of Li-on battery, we advise not letting then run down to the point the camera cuts out, this can shorten the life of the battery and also corrupt the video file if in record mode at the time of shutdown.

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Type GoPro "Style" Video Camera Batteries & Charger
MPN Full Spectrum Batteries & Charger
Brand WWG
Condition New