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DAS APF-D Processor ITC Spirit Box Recorder & Noise Filter Ghost Hunting UK

DAS APF-D Processor ITC Spirit Box Recorder & Noise Filter Ghost Hunting.
Please Note!! This sale is for the APF-D Processor Audio Playback set Only! No spirit box is included, if you need to buy a spirit box please see our selection or contact us for advice.

The DAS APF-D Processor is an incredible advanced device from world famous paranormal innovator Gary Galka, It is designed to work along side your P-SB7 or other Spirit Box's as a record and replay device with Noise Reduction and playback speed altering system. The DAS APF-D Processor system comes with a built in quality speaker, but can be connected to an external speaker for more volume if needed. The device features fully adjustable noise reduction settings and a bright OLED illuminated display showing sound wave detail in real time. It also includes bluetooth transmitter and receivers to wirelessly connect your devises.

This is an advanced specialist analytical devi ce that from Gary Galka in the USA.

The APF-D processor is an analytical tool that is used with frequency sweep radio's and other recording devices. The APF is a real time recorder that operates continuously during your session. Even when you "pause" your session sweep data is being accumulated and ready for user analysis with the push of a button. It can operate efficiently for up to four hours using the supplied (rechargeable) 9Vdc battery.

APF-D Processor Audio Playback Filter Complete Kit Includes: * (1) APF-D Processor with Graphic Display * (1) USB Rechargeable 9Vdc Battery * (1) Bluetooth Transmitter * (1) Bluetooth Receiver * (1) 4:1 USB Charge Cable * (1) 18" Audio Cable * (2) 4" Audio Cables * (2) pcs Velcro

APF-D Processor with Audio Playback Filter:

The APF-D Processor is a unique device designed to to be used with any Spirit Box or Audio Recording device with 3.5mm Audio Output. The APF-D allows you to: * Amplify Audio * Display The Audio Spectrum * Pause and Resume Your Spirit Box Session without losing any Response Data * Playback Feature allows you to Rewind your Responses in 10 second Intervals. You can rewind as far back as you like. * Adjustable Speed Control allows you to listen to Responses Slower to make deciphering easier. So, if you hear something you can rewind the Response, and then slowly decrease the speed in 5% increments until you can hear the Response more clearly. * Adjustable Noise Reduction allows you to remove unwanted sweep sounds from your session. * Adjustable High Pass Filter allows only higher frequencies to pass through

Working with noise reduction

Many spirit boxes use system of loop scanning the airwaves as a way of communicating with the spirit world. With this system comes the issue of constant pulsing background interference & white noise that can become irritating to many over time. This is where noise reduction comes into play. They cut out and silence continuous background noise frequencies while allowing the EVP or voice to come through with more clarity and silent space around it. Using noise suppression can loose very faint voices within the background noise so always try out different levels and combinations when doing your research to find a balance that works for you.

IMPORTANT: Tips when using the APF-D Processor
It's important to understand that the APF-D is constantly storing data to memory. If you Start/Stop, Rewind, etc. all the sweep data adds up in the Buffer memory, and this can delay the time it takes for the noise filter setting change to take affect. As such, you must either wait (typically 15-25sec) for the Buffer memory to catch up to the Noise Filter change, or reset the APF device to clear the memory backlog. These devices are intended to further help promote and advance Paranormal research. They are also frequently featured on Ghost Adventures and many other Paranormal TV shows and documentaries.

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Type APF-D ITC Recorder
Brand DAS
Condition New
Weight 1kg