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Backflow Incense Sculpture Horned Dragon Pouring Dry Ice Smoke Effect UK

 Back Flow Incense Sculpture Stone Horned Dragon & 5 Incense Cones

This stunning "Back Flow" incense sculpture has truly magical appeal, it depicts a a grey, rock-like finish and horned dragon face emerging from the cliffs with a small castle underneath. To use, place a back flow cone on the dragon's head and watch the smoke gently flow out of his nose and into the kingdom below collecting like a dry ice mist in and around the base.

The sculpture stands 18cm x 12cm x 12cm, It is made from cold cast resin and has a metal lined incense bowl

Never leave candles or incense burning unattended & always
ensure embers are fully cold before disposing of any remaining ash.

What are "Back Flow" incense burners
Back flow incense burners are very cleverly designed sculptures that incorporate a special system that channels the incense smoke downwards much like a dry ice effect. They use a special innocence cone that is specifically designed for the purpose. When the cone is place in the designated part of the sculpture and lit,the smoke moves magically down the design like liquid pouring into the base vessel.

This Back Flow incense sculpture comes with 5 specially designed incense cones that generate poring smoke effect, (fragrance selected at random) A selection of high quality Backflow cones are available from us at Funky Lighting and Walking with Ghost outlets and of course our eBay shop.

"We don't pretend to have the answers to the mysteries of the spirit world, but together we just might catch a glimpse of the other side" (Walking With Ghosts TV)

Neither Walking with Ghosts nor Funky Lighting are associated with or promote any form of religion or organised faith structure. We are simply open-minded people who have a passion for exploring unusual and unexplained phenomenon, as well as social history, mythology and folk-law from every corner of the globe

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Type Pagan/ Wiccan Items
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Condition New
Weight 1.2kg