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6x Star Wars Automatic Gel Hot Pouch Hand & Body Magic Warmer Handwarmer /UK

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Keep warm anywhere this winter with the Star Wars force personal hand and body warmers, they come in sets of two featuring both Vader & Yoda. They heat up anywhere with no batteries or power whenever you feel the chill. Simply press the little metal disk inside the bottle and an amazing piece of chemistry starts to take place. As crystals form with in the warmer it generates considerable heat. It will reach a temperature of around 130 degrees Fahrenheit within about 20 seconds and stays warm for up to 45 minutes. It is simply recharged by boiling in water for 5-10 minutes, and is reusable hundreds of times. Great for walking the dog, football matches, standing at buss stops and any other occasion where you find your self a touch chilly. Comes with “Star Wars” branding printed on both warmers and packaging. The RRP. for these was £6.99 per set of two, so another great discount from us at Funky Lighting

Price is for 3x sets of 2x warmers, that's a total of 6 warmers
Warmers are around 8.5-cm x 8.5-cm x 2-cm

 photo hand_Star_wars01_zpsh05ebhzb.jpg photo hand_Star_wars02_zps1osfpl39.jpg