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4x Incense Resin Set Resins Myrrh Frankincense Benzo Damaru Rituals Meditation

4x Incense Resin Set Resins Myrrh, Frankincense, Benzoin & Damaru Pattu

This is a fantastic starter set of natural resin incense the traditional product as used in rituals and ceremonies by all kinds of religions, crafts, wicca and magick. It is also the traditional incense used for meditation and spiritual mediumship focus and development as well as smudging and purifying ceremonies.

The set includes 4x bags (each 20g) of Incense resins in Myrrh, Frankincense, Benzoin & Damaru Pattu.

Please note this kind of incense is for use with the Charcoal, fire or other high heat specially designed burners, please see our other items for details of bowls, Charcoal and other accessories.

Incense History

The first recorded use of incense was by the Egyptians during the Fifth Dynasty, 2345-2494 BC. Incense use in religious ritual was possibly also simultaneously developed in China, and eventually transmitted to Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and onward threat the globe. The formula and scent of incense used in temples, shrines, Churches, rituals and ceremonies throughout the world vary widely. However, the principle purpose seems to remain as method of purifying the surroundings & enabling us to connect more closely to gods, after life, demons, & many other spiritual connections. Burning incense is an ancient natural art, used in ceremonies for thousands of years. Smells have a huge, if often subconscious effect on the psyche and natural incense smoke is no exception. Incense has been used at some point in almost every spiritual practice, from all the biggest established religions to the hippie movement and many individual and spiritual groups including witchcraft of all forms.

Damaru Pattu Incense Tree Resin

Possibly the oldest form of incense dating back many thousands of years.This Highly aromatic and evocative fragrance is ideal for all kinds of cleansing rituals, meditation and ceromony use, it comes as a mixture of granules rock and powder and is easily broken down to size between the fingers for use.

Benzoin Incense Tree Resin

In spite of its rather dull stone like appearance Benzoin is one of the most widely used resins for incense and perfumery. It has a wonderful mellow warm scent like buttered vanilla or honey, it delivers a slow release of gently uplifting aromas. It is very often used in combination with other resins or oils to form blends of fragrance. It is a vital component of incense blends used in many places of worship across the globe including both Catholic and far eastern religions.This resin is also known as gum Benjamin.

Frankincense Incense Tree Resin

Frankincense has a classic ancient aroma, known world wide as one of the three gifts from the wise men given to baby Jesus in the christian religion. Of course many other cultures have been using it for possibly more than 6,000 years, and it is still a staple of ceremonies world wide today. It has a distinctive character with notes of Citrus, Musk, Balsam, Wood and Moss. Of all the tree resins it favoured for use with meditation and spirituality. It is also thought to reduce anxiety and uplift individuals from low mood or depression. It is also known as Olibanum

Myrrh Incense Tree Resin

Myrrh has a distinct ancient aroma, known world wide as one of the three gifts from the wise men given to baby Jesus in the christian religion. Of course many other cultures have been using it for around 5,000 years, and it is still a staple of ceremonies world wide today. It is one of the most valued and recognised of all incense resins, it is believed to assist physical healing and promote feelings of happiness, strength and confidence as well as aid sleep. The aroma is Smoky, earthy & spicy, it has a complex blend of aromas that seem to change and develop constantly. It is often added to Frankincense to form a traditional church blend promoting peace, joy and happiness.

Fire and Safety Warnings!

Charcoal incense burning involves a small hot coal, a very, very hot coal! This is like a little mini BBQ so it must always be on a heat proof plate or surface like a tile. It must also be level secure and away from children and animals. Like any naked flame it should never be left unattended at any time. We would suggest having a glass of water to one side just in case! Ive never had to use it, but Its always better to be safe than sorry, if you did have to put the coal out at any point in a hurry water can be slowly poured over it. It's a lot less messy to simply let it burn out in its own time, but if you need to it can be drowned very quickly. Under normal circumstances you can simply place the bowl and plate in the sink to cool off for piece of mind.

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