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4x Flat Postcard, Photo Frame & Envelope Set for posting

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 The best ideas are often the simple ones, styled to look like traditional old victorian frames. The twist is they are totally flat and printed cardboard that you simply slip a photograph or postcard into. Each comes with the correct sized Envelope for posting. Once your recipient receives your card frame they simply pop out the little support on the back and it will stand up on a flat surface. They come in a set of 4 colours, Pink, Green, Yellow, and Grey. Ideal to send holiday snaps to those new pals you made abroad, baby, wedding or graduation pictures or just frame up a postcard you really love.  Imported from Holland from the exclusive designer 'Wanted' gift range. 

Size 21.5-cm x 15.5-cm, Each flat frame holds pictures or postcards of 10-cm x 15-cm, Price is per set of 4

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