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4x 3D Lenticular Table Diner Place mat Set

These table mats from the designer brand "Box32" will really set the place at your next lunch, dinner or party. Printed in lenticular 3D, the image is has both depth and forward projection without the need for 3D glasses. The brightly coloured images are totally enclosed in the clear flexible plastic so can be wet cleaned easily. They come in a set of 4 mats with two designs, both set around a food on the table theme. The first design is a breakfast or light lunch with beagle and preserve on a lace table, the second is a blueberry pancake extravaganza on a wild west gingham check table cloth. Besides being great fun these table mats are very hard wearing and practical, ideal as tray lighter, pet bowl caper protectors or party table display. Lovingly imported all the way from Holland for your kitsch kitchen and dining delight.

Price is per set of 4 mats (2 of each design) Size  29-cm x 43-cm

Condition New
Weight 0.4kg