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3x Plant & Flower Gel Floral Water Beads /Mix colours


Aqua Beads are an amazing way to create decorative displays with plants, flowers or candles. When added to water the tinny beads grow to 150 times in volume creating a mass of marble sized water spheres. Once hydrated they can be used for floral displays, Candle arrangements and even growing plants as they mimic soil, allowing air space between moisture.  Better still they can hold the moisture for up to 8 weeks. They are easily rehydrated by adding more water and poring off the excess. This is a 3x pack set, each packet contains beads that will absorb up to 1.5 litres of water. Thats a total of 4.5 litres of gel beads in all. Colours can be combined for special effects or food colour added to create specific colours. The beads come with powdered colour inside the pack for quick and easy results, however should you wish pale subtle tints or even clear results, the dry beads can be rinsed under running water in a tea strainer to reduce or remove the colour. Mixed lot of 3 randomly selected colours.

Price is per 3x pack of gel beads only, flowers and containers are Not included and are for illustration purposes only.

Weight 0.25kg
Condition New