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2x Pentagram Candlesticks Candle Holder Gothic Goth Alter Magick Wicca UK

Set of two Pentagram Candlesticks in Sone and Ivy

This stunning candlestick set features the pentagram or pentacle symbol, a mainly pagan form that is connected to many alternative belief structures. They come in a realistic stone effect with ivy growing around the side and down the base. The candlestick is predominately stone grey and detailed in lush green on the ivy. They are beautifully hand painted to give an aged effect and are ideal for your altar or home.

Candles shown in images for demonstration only, candles are not! included
Price is per candlestick set of 2

Made to fit standard sized straight or tapered candles of a base size of around 1.7cm, slightly wider candles can be shaved to fit. Size 13.4cm x 7.5cm x 7cm This item is made of cold cast polyresin and hand-painted in an aged effect.

"We don't pretend to have the answers to the mysteries of the spirit world, but together we just might catch a glimpse of the other side" (Walking With Ghosts TV)

Neither Walking with Ghosts nor Funky Lighting are associated with or promote any form of religion or organised faith structure. We are simply open-minded people who have a passion for exploring unusual and unexplained phenomenon, as well as social history, mythology and folk-law from every corner of the globe
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Type Pagan/ Wiccan Items
Brand Nemisis
Condition New
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