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2x Glow in the Dark Self Luminous Tape, Ghost Hunt Paranormal Investigation UK

Glow in the dark tape is a must have item for any activity where people are working in dark environments. Traditionally used in theatres, theme parks,TV studios and the aeronautical industry , this tape can be used to mark and identify just about anything in total darkness. We use little cut sections on all our equipment so even in the darkest of dark you can identify where you have placed your equipment. A useful tip is to give it a quick charge with a UV torch to get it fully glowing as you set up. Simply cut the tape to required length, remove paper backing and stick to the surface required for an identifying glow in the darkness.

Package Includes: 2X Luminous Tape, 10 mm width x 10M length

“We don't pretend to have the answers to the mysteries of the spirit world, but together we just might catch a glimpse of the other side” (Walking With Ghosts TV)

Neither Walking with ghosts or funky lighting are associated with, or promote any form of religion or organised faith structure. We are simply open minded people who have a passion in exploring unusual and unexplained phenomenon, as well as social history, mythology and folk-law from every corner of the globe