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1x Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter/Recever for P-SB7 & P-SB11 Spirit Boxes

Bluetooth Audio Transmitter-Receiver for P-SB7 & P-SB11 Spirit Box & Paranormal Equipment

Please note this sale is for one single device that can be used as either transmitter or receiver.

This clever little device allows you to send or receive wireless sound from your P-SB7 & P-SB11 spirit box to any Bluetooth-enabled speaker or receiver. It simply plugs into the headphone socket on your device and once paired (see instructions) it sends the audio wirelessly to the Bluetooth speaker or headphones over a range of up to 10m. Ideal for group work where a larger louder output volume is required without having to hand-carry bulky additional speakers.

Bluetooth-enable any audio device with a 3.5mm headphone socket. Built-in battery ensures up to 10 hours working time for portable use and fast 2 hour charging through the USB cable. Plug and play, no computer needed. The device can be used as both a transmitter or a receiver depending on your needs. You can also use two devices one set to transmit and the other to receive if your intended speaker system is not Bluetooth enables.

2-in-1 Wireless Transmitter Receiver Bluetooth-compatible 5.1 Audio AUX Adapter Support TF Card for Car Music Aux Handsfree Headset

Always charge fully before use from a standard USB socket (Not Included)

follow the instructions closely make sure no other Bluetooth devices that are already paired with your speaker are on, the speaker needs to be free from all other connections to pair so turn off Bluetooth on your phone and other devices until you have paired the device. Once paired the device will automatically connect to the last connected device.

Compatible with Android, IOS phone system and PAD and all Bluetooth audio devices such as TV, Speaker, PC, CD Player, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablets, MP3 Player Or Car Stereo and More.

"We don't pretend to have the answers to the mysteries of the spirit world, but together we just might catch a glimpse of the other side" (Walking With Ghosts TV)
Neither Walking with Ghosts nor Funky Lighting are associated with or promote any form of religion or organized faith structure. We are simply open-minded people who have a passion for exploring unusual and unexplained phenomenon, as well as social history, mythology and folklore from every corner of the globe.

Type Bluetooth Transmitter Recever
Brand WWG
Condition New