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12V Mains Power Suppy for Infrared IR Lights & Splitter Cable Ghost Paranormal

This is a a ready to go UK Square pin style 12v power supply for use with our 12v IR Infrared lights. This model comes with a two way splitter cable to power two of our regular LED IR lanterns. It is free fitted with the industry standard CCTV style plugs ready to attach your lights. This is a great accessory providing you do have a mains power supply so you can power the light directly from the wall sockets. (Max 2250ma or 27w draw.) Great for stand alone light rigs for a more professional infrared lighting result. We find that a combination of IR light both on board the camera and also stand alone give a superior lighting to your location as onboard camera only lighting can give very flat looking results as well as false orb reflection.

The set comes with 1 Mains power transformer with UK style plug giving 12v Max 27w & 1 two way CCTV lantern splitter cable.

Please Note!
Sale for Power supply only! No lighting is included in this listing.
This item has been customised for a specific use, the power output & plug
is preset and fixed for use with our CCTV style LED IR lighting.

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